Case Farms Campaign

Adaptec Solutions, Thought Leadership, Video
Director, Strategic Marketing, Video Production

In the Case Farms project at Adaptec Solutions, I leveraged this initiative to enhance our marketing and business development efforts. After completing several strategic acquisitions that broadened our internal capabilities, this project emerged as a landmark achievement. I was instrumental in positioning the associated video not just as content, but as a key sales enablement and thought leadership tool. This video, along with the white paper and case study, became a cornerstone resource for our sales engineers, the entire sales and engineering teams, and the broader company, empowering them with a compelling narrative to engage potential clients.


The impact of the story we told through this video has been substantial and quantifiable. It has been a driving force behind securing over $100M in orders, evidencing its effectiveness as a persuasive sales tool. Furthermore, its distribution across various digital channels has generated multiple millions of dollars in lead generation value, underscoring its wide-reaching influence and effectiveness in capturing the attention of our target audience. This project is a prime example of my ability to combine storytelling with strategic marketing to support and significantly advance our business development objectives.