GCC/Haudenosaunee Condo Cobrand

Cobranding, Collaboration, Creative Director, Strategic Marketing

In my role overseeing the creative branding development for the GwahGen project at Geneva Country Club, I was tasked with creating a brand identity that not only resonated with the club’s values but also paid homage to the Haudenosaunee and Senecas. The project, named GwahGen – a phonetic representation of the Seneca word “Gwa: geh” meaning “we see you” – was an acknowledgment of the indigenous people’s land and heritage, a sentiment deeply integrated into the brand’s essence.

I led the initiative to partner with the Haudenosaunee and Ganondagan, aiming to bring their stories and traditions back to the Geneva area. This partnership was central to our branding strategy, as it ensured authenticity and respect in our representation of their culture. We planned to host a wealth of informational material at GwahGen, encompassing local, historical, and current information about the Senecas. This required close collaboration with representatives from the Haudenosaunee and Ganondagan, ensuring the material we created was not only informative but also culturally sensitive and accurate.

Additionally, the club’s commitment to hosting an annual golf tournament, workshops, and ceremonies featuring Haudenosaunee traditions was a cornerstone of our branding strategy. This approach not only honored the indigenous culture but also offered a unique, immersive experience to visitors. The proceeds from these events were designated to support Ganondagan and/or Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association, reinforcing our commitment to both cultural preservation and environmental stewardship.

From a marketing perspective, the GwahGen brand was designed to intrigue and educate. The uniqueness of the name itself was intended to spark curiosity among visitors, driving engagement and encouraging them to delve deeper into the rich history and culture of the Haudenosaunee and Senecas. This strategy extended beyond traditional marketing; it was about creating a brand that not only informed but also inspired visitors to share their experiences, thereby organically amplifying our reach and impact. My involvement in the GwahGen project highlights my ability to develop creative branding solutions that are not only distinctive and engaging but also deeply respectful and culturally aware.