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At Lake Drum Brewery in Geneva, New York, a pivotal player in the city’s cultural renaissance, I had the opportunity to produce the Drumstock event, a significant community initiative post-COVID. Partnering with Lake Drum, known for its commitment to fostering a vibrant community space, we aimed to re-energize the local scene by reviving Drumstock. This event wasn’t just a concert but a beacon of revival for live music and community gatherings. We hosted eight bands in a picturesque downtown setting, with musicians coming from as far as North Carolina and Florida reuniting for this special one-day event.

My role extended beyond event coordination. We actively involved local food, art, and craft vendors, enhancing the event’s quality and supporting the local economy. The marketing strategy for Drumstock was multifaceted and innovative. We combined digital, traditional, and guerrilla marketing techniques, including a unique scavenger hunt that engaged the community, drove support to local businesses, and integrated seamlessly with the event by offering drink ticket rewards. Additionally, I tapped into local influencers to promote the event across diverse social demographics and implemented targeted paid social media ad campaigns to attract a wide geographical audience.

The event was a resounding success, free to the public and attracting a diverse crowd, including families, college students from local universities, and music enthusiasts from across the region. The results spoke for themselves: we achieved a 75% ROI, underlining the event’s success not just in cultural terms but also in tangible business returns. My involvement in producing Drumstock highlights my capabilities in event production, community engagement, and strategic marketing, skills that I am excited to bring to future projects and initiatives.