Lifecycle Services Campaigns

Adaptec Solutions, Thought Leadership, Video

At Adaptec Solutions, I supported the growth of the Lifecycle Services vertical, a key business objective for the company. My primary contribution was in producing and managing a comprehensive marketing strategy focused on thought leadership, primarily through multiple video campaigns and various other marketing initiatives. These campaigns were not just about showcasing our services; they were designed to position Adaptec Solutions as a leader in the industry, leveraging insightful content to educate and engage our target audience.

During my tenure, I contributed to the Lifecycle Services’ vertical  significant growth, with annual revenue growing from $8M to $34M. This achievement was the result of diligent work across the company, including my strategic planning and execution of campaigns that effectively communicated the value of our services. My ability to combine creative storytelling with a deep understanding of our market and services was a valued contribution to this success. I managed not only the conceptualization of these campaigns but also their distribution, ensuring maximum reach and impact.

This experience highlights my strengths in developing and executing thought leadership strategies that resonate with audiences and drive business growth.