Marketing Strategy

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At Adaptec Solutions, I led a major rebranding effort, merging four distinct companies into one cohesive brand. I also had the opportunity to flex my strategic marketing muscles in the B2B space, contributing to the company’s impressive growth from $15M to a whopping $105M over 12 years. 


As the Director of Marketing from 2022 to 2023, I rolled out an innovative, data-driven marketing plan on a $360K budget. After spending previous years building out the data insights and foundational tools, this plan was a game-changer – it brought in 720 quality leads, built a $181M sales pipeline, and directly led to $9M in actual orders. 


What made this strategy stand out was how I used data and market insights to make every dollar count, turning $1 spent on ads and events into $70 of revenue. This success was all about hitting the mark with our marketing efforts, ensuring they not only grabbed our target audience’s attention but also drove our business goals home.


Leading the marketing team at Adaptec Solutions was all about mixing creativity with a solid business approach. I led a diverse group, tackling everything from crafting engaging content and researching market trends to fine-tuning our product marketing and getting to know our customers better. Our email campaigns were a hit, with open rates three times better than what most get in our industry. The engaging content helped build trust and affinity with our customer base, and our targeted campaigns delivered ROI.


I also focused on growing our team’s skills, keeping everyone on board and aligned with our top business goals. This paid off big as our department’s capabilities continued to grow along with our efficiency and effectiveness due to delegation and a highly skilled and trusted team delivering results.


My time at Adaptec Solutions highlights my knack for blending innovative marketing strategies with a practical business sense, all to build a strong, unified brand presence and drive real growth in the B2B world.