Thruway Stone Branding

brand standards, Design

At Thruway Stone, I spearheaded the development of comprehensive brand standards, including both the graphic identity and the company’s core values. This involved defining a clear mission to uphold the highest standards in the countertop industry, with an emphasis on quality, trust, and experience. The vision was to be recognized as the industry leader synonymous with excellence and integrity.

In developing the graphic identity, I focused on ensuring that it visually communicated our commitment to quality and professionalism. This included the creation of logo variations, color schemes, and typography that aligned with the brand’s ethos. The core values of quality, respect, trust, integrity, authenticity, transparency, and boldness were integrated into every aspect of our branding, from internal communications to customer-facing materials.

My role also involved positioning Thruway Stone in the market, distinguishing it through the unique offerings like the Summit Collection and a standout customer experience in the showroom. The brand differentiation was reinforced by the positive feedback from industry partners and employees, all resonating with the trust and respect for the founder’s leadership.

In essence, my work at Thruway Stone was about creating a brand identity that not only stood out visually but also resonated deeply with the commitment to excellence, trust, and customer satisfaction in the countertop industry.