Adaptec Solutions, Event

At Adaptec Solutions, I led our tradeshow strategy and execution, playing a key role in enhancing our brand’s visibility and engagement in the industry. My approach was strategic and targeted; I carefully selected tradeshows aligned with our business objectives and audience, ensuring we maximized our impact and ROI. Working closely with my team, I developed and managed detailed budgets and delegated responsibilities effectively to harness the strengths of each team member. 

One of our standout creative strategies was developing a unique, interactive experience for attendees. We engineered a collaborative robot that not only played tic-tac-toe with attendees but also served them a beer and a koozie post-game. This innovative concept was not just a crowd-pleaser but also brilliantly showcased our technological prowess and customer engagement approach. 

This initiative under my leadership significantly enhanced our brand presence at tradeshows, creating memorable experiences for attendees and setting Adaptec Solutions apart from competitors.