Trojan Horse Campaign

Adaptec Solutions, Thought Leadership, Video
Director, Sales Enablement, Strategic Marketing, Video Production, Videographer

In a strategic marketing initiative at my previous role, I collaborated with a sales engineer to execute a ‘trojan horse’ style campaign, specifically targeting a company with multiple facilities ideal for potential automation integration projects. We recognized the challenge in such companies – their site operation leads often work in silos, making it difficult to gain bidding opportunities across different facilities despite winning a project in one.

To overcome this, I devised a strategy to foster trust and affinity with leaders from the target company. We invited a site operations leader to participate in a roundtable discussion with other industry experts, positioning them as a thought leader in the forging industry. The plan was to produce a video from this discussion, showcasing insights from various industry authorities. This content wasn’t just engaging; it was strategically designed so that all participants, including our target customer, would be motivated to share it within their networks. Crucially, we anticipated that our target customer would share this video with their internal leadership team, highlighting their involvement and, in turn, introducing Adaptec’s capabilities to leaders across all their company locations.

This approach paid off significantly. It wasn’t just about content creation; it was a strategic move to infiltrate different levels of the target company through a trusted internal advocate. The results were tangible and impressive: we secured our first order worth $500K in Q3 of 2023 and successfully built a pipeline exceeding $4M+ across their various facilities. This campaign exemplifies my ability to craft and implement innovative marketing strategies that not only create engaging content but also open doors to new business opportunities in challenging B2B environments.